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Scoliosis as a clinical and social problem: case study
Włodzisław Kuliński, Agata Iwańska


Influence of rehabilitation with the use of sulphide and hydrogen sulphide baths on the concentration of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and selected parameters of cognitive, executive and affect functions in multiple sclerosis patients
Katarzyna Gniadek-Olejniczak, Katarzyna Jozwik-Plebanek, Rafał Smolinski, Marta Kania-Pudło, Józef Mróz

Hypertonic saline inhalation therapy among patients with moderate asthma and functional dyspepsia commorbidity
Mariana V. Rostoka-Reznikova, Marianna I. Tovt-Korshynska, Renata Y. Pohoriliak, Vasyl V. Kaliy, Svitlana M. Opalenyk, Yaroslava H. Rusyn, Ivan I. Myhovych

Assessment of the quality of life of patients after cardiac surgeries by means of the WHOQOL-BREF questionnaire
Joanna Łuczak, Lesia Rudenko

Restoration of the act of swallowing and rehabilitation of patients with tumors of the oral cavity
Anna Kushta, Serhii Shuvalov, Viktoriia Nahaichuk

Evaluation of the impact of a comprehensive psychiatric rehabilitation program on the improvement of cognitive functions in patients of the Mental Health Support Centre in Tarnowskie Gory using the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test
Joanna Agnieszka Smolarczyk, Paweł Dębski, Magdalena Odziomek-Hojka, Marta Szeląg, Magdalena Piegza, Robert Pudlo

Method of physical improvement of higher education students by means of functional training in the aspect of health-preservation
Olena V. Otravenko, Olena M. Shkola, Valeriy O. Zhamardiy, Olena М. Pavliuk, Alina V. Radchenko, Viktoriia I. Donchenko, Svitlana G. Myronenko


Balneotherapy in urology
Natalia Gębka-Adamczyk, Dorota Gębka, Jakub Adamczyk, Joanna Głogowska-Szeląg

Methodological potential of phenomenology and hermeneutics in research on valeological, rehabilitation and physiotherapeutic activities
Vira O. Dubinina, Alina L. Hrytsenko, Hanna I. Savonova, Yuliia A. Lazutkina

Characterization of humic substances in waters and their therapeutic applications – a review
Joanna Ziemska, Tomasz Szynal, Małgorzata Mazańska, Jolanta Solecka


In memory of Professor Wiesław Kochański (1932-2023)

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