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Yurii V. Teslenko, Bohdana O. Pysana, Maryna M. Teslenko, Tatiana V. Dubrovinska, Serhii M. Bilash, Nadia O. Lyulka
Peculiarities of Diabetes Mellitus Impact on the Effectiveness of Cardiac Rehabilitation of Patients with Coronary Heart Disease
After Myocardial Revascularization

Mateusz Rafałko, Piotr Lichograj
Assessing the Level of Pain Reduction and Excessive Soft Tissue Tension in Patients with Selected Lumbosacral Spine Conditions
Using a Prototype Fascial Therapy Tool

Tatiana V. Chernii, Volodymyr I. Cherniy, Diana V. Svitlytska
Peculiarities of Rehabilitation of Patients with Chronic Cerebral Circulation Insufficiency During the War

Natalia Veronika Bachynska, Oleksandr Koshcheev,Oksana Ivchenko, Sergey Petrenko, Andriy Kyrychenko, Svitlana Cherevko,
Anatoly Cherevko, Victoria Kondratenko
Determination of the Degree of Manifestation of Inversion of Sexual Dimorphism of Female Athletes
of Pair and Group Types of Acrobatics

Lyudmyla V. Kletsenko, Lina M. Rybalko, Anatoliy A. Levkov, Yevheniya V. Vyshvar, Mykhailo V. Kravchenko, Bohdan V. Romanenko,
Oksana A. Bashtovenko
Rehabilitation of Patients with the Consequences of Ischemic Stroke Via the Means of Exercises of Physical Therapy

Ivan М. Okhrimenko, Olha M. Pasko, Liudmyla M. Prudka, Tetyana V. Matiienko, Inha A. Serednytska, Natalia A. Lyakhova,
Svitlana S. Okhrimenko
Dynamics of Law Enforcement Officers’ Physical and Mental Health Indicators in the Context of Social Tension
and Recommendations For Their Improvement

Oleksii V. Tymoshenko, Zhanna H. Domina, Larysa P. Arefieva, Olena V. Pliushchakova, Iryna S. Markus, Yurii P. Serhiienko, Natalia A. Lyakhova
Influence of Aqua Fitness Training Sessions on Improving the Biological Age Indicators in Overweight Female Students

Maryna Grynova, Valeriy Zhamardiy, Inna Kravchenko, Olena Shkola, Viktoriia Donchenko, Ihor Peleshenko, Oleksandr Lyvatskyi
Pedagogical Conditions for the Formation of the Readiness of Future Specialists in Physical Rehabilitation
to Work with Athletes of Water Srorts in the Process of Professional Training

Lina M. Rybalko, Larysa M. Onishchuk, Tetiana Yu. Hulko, Tatiana V. Yopa, Ruslan V. Zhalii, Andrian V. Ostapov, Vitalii P. Horhol
Preparation of Future Specialists in Physical Culture and Sports with an Aim of Preserving and Restoring Physical
and Mental Health of Individuals

Olena N. Shkola, Valeriy O. Zhamardiy, Viktoriia I. Donchenko, Vitalii V. Zolochevskyi, Tetiana L. Poluliashchenko, Olena I. Sokolenko,
Olena M. Pavliuk
Study of the Impact of Electronic Learning Tools on the Level of Formation of Health-Preserving Competence Among Students
of the Specialty „Therapy And Rehabilitation”

Marta Anna Bibro, Eliza Smoła, Katarzyna Wódka, Agnieszka Jankowicz-Szymańska
Changes in Body Composition after Indoor Climbing Program in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities


Małgorzata Wójcik, Katarzyna Placek, Michalina Drejza, Tomasz Goździewicz, Magdalena Pisarska-Krawczyk, Dawid Luwański,
Katarzyna Plagens-Rotman, Witold Kędzia, Grażyna Jarząbek-Bielecka
Application of Balneoclimatology and Physiotherapy in Endometriosis

Vitalii M. Pashkov, Anna S. Sydorenko, Yevgen S. Gnedik
The Rehabilitation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder of Servicemen: Certain Aspects


Kurs pt.: „ Balneologia i medycyna fizykalna. Metody lecznicze oraz wybrane problemy z medycyny uzdrowiskowej”

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